Stress Medicine Certification Program - Dr Lena Edwards

Stress Medicine Certification Program

Through the newly established American Academy of Stress Medicine, Dr. Lena Edwards and her team have developed a comprehensive medical certification program in Stress Medicine for qualified medical professionals including, physicians (MD and DO), Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, and PharmD’s in Stress Medicine.

The objectives of the Stress Medicine Certification Program are:


  • To provide a high quality, evidence based certification program in Stress Medicine
  • To facilitate practitioner mastery in HPA axis and adrenal dysfunction, complex hormone relationships, and stress related health issues.
  • To equip practitioners with the skills they need to consistently achieve superior clinical outcomes in their patients.
  • To assist practitioners in adequately marketing and monetizing their expertise in Stress Medicine
  • To provide strategies through which practitioners can attract and retain more patients
  • To develop a collaborative network of like minded individuals


Our online program consists of weekly didactic modules, interactive Q&A sessions, patient case reviews, collaborative educational forums, and ongoing clinical support.  Upon completion of the program, practitioners will receive a certificate identifying them as a “Certified Stress Expert” and will be included in our online global practitioner directory.

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